Church of the Good Shepherd

Church of the Good Shepherd

So.... What's Up

* Sunday August 23: The Rev. Fletcher Harper will preach and celebrate.

* Parish Admimstrator Vacation Schedule: Olga will be on vacation from August 24-28, returning on August 31

* Sunday August 20th: We will use BCP Morning Prayer at 8 and 10

* Discussion Group and Wednesday Eucharist are on vacation for the summer.

* Wednesday Eucharist in September: The Rev. Steve Gallagher will celebrate at the Wednesday Euchhrist services for the mouth of September, beginning September 9

* Homecoming Sunday, September 20: On Homecoming Sunday we welcome the choir back from summer est, and we will start Sunday School! Come, invite friends, and celebrate the parish


* Center for Food Action: Please continue your generous donations. Summer us always a slow time because many donors are awa and many children need to eat at home rather than school. Our pantry shelves are open for business!

* Website: Marygrace Sicheri has agreed to be our Good Shepherd webmistress. If anyone has pictures, please email them to olga

* Facebook: Watch for updates and recent pictures